Saving a buck or two on vehicle parts may sound like a great idea, but using counterfeit parts is not the answer.

Counterfeit vs. Knock Off

Counterfeit automotive parts and knock-off products are not the same.

Counterfeit products are passed off as original parts and designed intentionally as the real thing. Counterfeit parts will use brand name logos, colors and are sold as “original parts.”

Whereas knock-off products are going to use the same patented designs and technology, but do not market themselves as the original product and do not use any brand name or brand logos.

Counterfeit and knock-off products can range from close replicas to obvious fakes. It’s best to completely examine any part you deem questionable and do some research before you purchase.

Avoid Counterfeit and Knock-Offs

Not only are counterfeit parts and knock-offs illegal for companies to sell, especially if they are mimicking the actual brand, but these parts tend to underperform.

Saving a few dollars by buying counterfeit may cost you more money, and even your safety, in the future!

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