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Meet our Team of Automotive Specialists

Meet our team of experts! The Payne Motors dealership team is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate in the business and is dedicated to providing an unrivaled brand of customer service. From our general manager to our service technicians, our whole team is driven by a passion for automotive and incomparable service that is above reproach. Feel free to contact anyone you see below and test their automotive knowledge or schedule a test drive -- we are happy to help!

Are you a driven and passionate individual? You may want to consider joining the Payne Motors team.


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Payne is much more than an automotive business industry, it is what brings families together and help create new memories on the road. Being able to create something and have everyone feel closer together and being part of the Payne family is what Payne Auto Group is about. I love the fact that we are able to bring families together and the community that much more closer to each other.

I have been part of the Payne Auto Group for 19 years, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Being part of this business has been in my blood and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I worked in this business from a porter to now Chief Operating Officer - COO and being able to be part of the automotive industry has made me happier.

I am glad to be a part of my grandfather’s legacy and hope to keep it going from what my grandfather built. Being able to have the opportunity to make families grow together and be part of our Payne Family is something I wouldn’t want to change.

I have worked for the Payne Auto Group for 15 years and counting. I obtained my BA in English and History at Trinity University. The automotive industry wasn't a route I expected to take and it took me by surprise. Putting families on the road, providing careers for the south Texas community and being apart of what my grandfather built is something I would never change.
Being able to build something and have everyone feel closer together and being part of the Payne family is what Payne Auto Group is about. I love the fact that we are able to bring families together and the community that much more closer to each other.

Human Resources

I love the environment here at Payne, everyone treats each other with respect and like family, I love my job and enjoy working with my coworkers and being able to assist them with finding quick solutions and make sure everyone works together as a team! 
My name is Thelma Espinoza and I have been part of the Payne Family for 19 years! I love my job because I am able to interact and help with the employees, and being able to interact with them while assisting them is a very rewarding experience and helps my skill build up as a Wellness Coordinator/HR Assistant/Payroll Administrator. Our doors are always open to anybody that needs assistance any other questions regarding policies or payroll issues contact me, Thelma Espinoza, and I will be happy to assist you.

I have worked with Payne Auto Group for 8 years and being able to be part of the payne family is not like any other place. I love being able to help my coworkers in anyway that they need and being from one position to another has redefined my skills to understand and help my coworkers easily and help find quicker solutions!  Our doors are always open to anybody that needs assistance contact me, Maris Guajardo, and I will be happy to assist you.

Upper Management

I have been working for Payne going on 21 years now, I went to Texas A&M and got a degree in Accounting, I have been programming computers since the 8th grade which became a hobby of mine. I love working for Payne because I am able to work in a friendly environment in which I am able to work with what I love to do! For any internet inquiries or problems contact me Ken Scott, and I would be more than happy to help you!

I started working for Bud and his father, wet behind the ears, and just out of college at 22 years of age. I have had the privilege of growing with the Payne family into a Valley wide business. In my 30+ years working with the Group,  we have satisfied tens of thousands of sales customers and millions of service customers. Working with a Christian-based family-run business has been a rewarding and valuable opportunity for me to do my part to make us more of a driving force in the Rio Grande Valley. Having the opportunity to develop a lifelong career with an organization such as ours has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

Business Development

Blake Bradley has held various positions at the Payne Auto Group for the past decade. He is currently the Director of Internet Operations, and helps provide direction for day to day advertising and internal operational processes. He enjoys learning new skills and putting together complex business strategies to combat a volatile industry. While not at work he enjoys keeping track of alternative hip-hop releases and watching art house films.

Bachelor's in Journalism Broadcast with a minor in Art & Design from University of Texas Pan American

First intern at Payne Auto Group in 2009 starting in vehicle photography, BDC and PR/Events
Past employers include: IMAS & Ronald McDonald House 

I have been with the Payne Auto Group since college and I can't see myself anywhere else. I thoroughly enjoy working with e-commerce, digital marketing and above all else the employees here at the Payne Auto Group. 

Creative Marketing

Being able to work with Payne is a fascinating opportunity! The people here are great, friendly and so welcoming to their staff and customers that make them feel welcomed. I love being able to produce creativity towards the company and be able to show how Payne Auto Group is the fun family-oriented automotive business it really is.

Chris Marshall is a proud Texan from the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). His talents in music and live performance have taken him from stage, studio and manage The Payne Street Team - a vibrant public relations team that promotes Payne Auto Group by being involved with community outreach such as local/regional charities and civic events. Be sure to look and listen to Chris in your area! 

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