Technology is so much a part of our life, that it has almost become essential to everyday living.

While some people view our technological dependence as bad, there is actually a lot of great ways that technology helps make things easier. One of the major things technology can help in is driving!


With a slew of new vehicles out on the market that boast automation (think Tesla!) it’s as interesting as it is futuristic!

Automation means that many common driving functions are carried out without human driver input. Some of these functions include automatic steering, braking, and much more.

While fully autonomous vehicles are still being developed and tweaked, it is a sure thing that we will see more of these vehicles on the road as the years come.

In fact, Ford, General Motors, and Volkswagen are some of the major brands looking into and developing autonomous vehicles.

Driver Assist Features

Many new vehicles come with a slew of driver assist features for drivers to take advantage of.

This partial automation can either fully or partially assist the human driver with steering, braking/accelerating, and much more.

Features like lane change assist, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and parking sensors are just a few of the assistance features many brands offer now.


Within the last 10 years, more and more vehicles have included smartphone connectivity.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are some of the popular smartphone connectivity options many vehicles come with. Many brands also offer their own app to further connect the driver to their vehicle.

Ford SYNC, My Chevrolet, and Volkswagen Car-Net are some of the major brands that connect the vehicle through an app. Some of the functions you can do through these apps are auto-locking the vehicle, keeping track of where you parked, vehicle maintenance tracking, and much more.

Connect Today!

Technology has made driving safer, and easier for a lot of people as they get into a newer vehicle.

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