Everyone loves the shine of a new vehicle or the gleam of a freshly washed vehicle. Protecting your vehicle’s paint not only helps your vehicle look good, but it can raise the value of your vehicle too.

Here are 4 things that can affect your vehicle’s paint job!


While sprinklers may seem like they’re giving your car a quick wash, the water spots it leaves behind can harm your paint.

The minerals in water can harm your paint if not cleaned away. Not to mention, water spots can leave behind marks that can be hard to clean off.


While it may be fun to write “Wash Me” on your friends’ car’s dusty surface as a joke, you could be causing damage to the paint or windows.

That fine layer of dust, or dirt, on the vehicle, has small rock debris in it. When you etch anything onto a vehicle using the dust, you’re also scratching the vehicle with those tiny rocks.

Bird Droppings

Putting off washing your car, especially when you notice bird droppings on it, does no favors for your paint. Bird droppings contain high acidity called Uric acid. Uric acid is corrosive, and it quickly eats the wax coating or paint sealant and cuts through the paint.

Silly String & Shaving Cream

Using silly string and shaving cream may seem like a great idea to prank your friends and family’s car. But did you know that silly string contains resin and colorants that could cause damage to the vehicle’s paint?

Shaving cream also causes discoloration to the vehicle’s paint when left to dry. Shaving cream contains chemicals that can be harmful to your vehicle’s paint when left to dry for days.

Be sure to clean away any silly string or shaving cream quickly before any permanent damage can be done.

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