One of the main components of your vehicle is the tires. You wouldn’t be able to get very far if one or more of your tires is damaged. But can your auto insurance help with damaged tires?

Tire Wear & Tear

Your tires aren’t immune to wear and tear, and over the years your tires can really take a beating.

Your auto insurance does not cover tire replacement due to wear and tear, even if you have comprehensive insurance. Unless your tires are covered from warranty, you’ll have to replace your tires on your own.

Flat Tires

Your comprehensive insurance won’t cover you if you happen to damage your tire due to a nail or other sharp object.

But if you happen to experience a blowout of your tire that causes damage or an accident, your comprehensive insurance should cover the damages.

Your insurance policy may even offer roadside assistance that can help you with towing or changing a flat.

Slashed Tires

If you find your tires slashed you should file a police report and an insurance claim within 24 hours. Your comprehensive coverage may be able to help you get your tires replaced. Speak with your insurance agent and be sure to gather as much evidence as you can for your claim.

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