Car thefts are on the rise. Are you doing everything you can to protect your vehicle? Contrary to popular belief, there are indeed a few steps you can take to cut down on your chances of being just another car theft statistic. Consider these tips to minimize the chances of a break-in:

Park in Well-Lit Areas

This is good advice not just for your car, but for safety purposes as well! Parking in a well lit area may be just enough to deter car thiefs, and any other intruder who may be on the lookout for prey. When possible, park under streetlights and other well-lit areas after dark.

Hide Valuables

Thieves go where the goods are, and if yours are in plain sight, there’s a good chance they’ll be gunning for you. Stow away important belongings in your car’s trunk, or at the very least, cover them if they are visible through the window.

Lock Doors

This may seem like common sense, but thieves are more likely to opt for vehicles they can easily get into. Be sure to keep your doors and windows locked if you want to keep intruders at bay.

Invest in an Alarm System

The power of a good security system can’t be denied. If you’re the type to frequently carry valuables in your car, you may want to invest in a high-tech alarm system that will immediately alert you when something is amiss. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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