What is Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

If you’ve been in the market for a used vehicle recently, you may have heard the term “certified pre-owned” thrown around pretty often. While you may assume that all used vehicles you come across in car lots are certified pre-owned, such is not always the case. There could be a world of difference between your typical used vehicle and a certified pre-owned one. Certified preowned vehicles undergo an extended amount of evaluation and maintenance before certification, meaning their outstanding quality is guaranteed. Considered a great balance between new and used, certified pre-owned vehicles are a great option for first time buyers.

Why should I consider a certified preowned vehicle?

Plenty of reasons!

Certified pre-owned vehicles are ideal for those who don’t want the expense of a new car, but still want quality assurance. This is because vehicles must meet certain requirements before becoming certified. These can vary, but typically, the vehicle must be no more than five years old, with less than 75,000 miles. Another condition may be that the vehicle must have been operated by its previous owner for at least one year before trade-in. Once a vehicle meets these guidelines, it will then undergo a thorough inspection, which can vary from dealer to dealer. If there are any issues, repairs will be made to make the vehicle “as new” as possible. This ensures a quality product that is often backed by warranty.


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