Majority of the people sometimes go through the same issue when dealing with their car, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the vehicle but sometimes it’s best to make sure!

Common Car Problem:

Warning Lights

We drive day to day with not a single worry in our head then all of a sudden we get a warning light or two that is abruptly turned on. You look at it confusingly but double check to make sure if that certain warning light is the issue, however, we find out that the light itself is actually the issue!

This is one of the most common issues for US car, trucks and SUV owners. These lights are triggered when the vehicle’s control unit senses an error code that is triggered by a sensor.

However, since there are multiple possible code errors, it can get triggered and having to be not the problem. to fix this it is best recommended to go to a professional mechanic to complete a proper warning light inspection, this is the best way to determine what exactly is wrong with it to figure out what is causing the problems and let you know what exactly you need to do to fix your vehicle.

Go to a qualified mechanic at any of our payne locations at Brownsville, Weslaco, Edinburg, Mission, and Rio Grande City and schedule your service to get your warning lights inspected today!

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