Tip of the day:

A clean car is a happy car!

The sun sometimes can be a very dangerous thing, especially right at the peak of noon when the sun is blazing through with no clouds to cover it. This can be a hazard to not only yourself but to your windshield’s car when its dirty!

Having a dirty windshield doesn’t sound too bad, but it is in the summer season! Having a dirty windshield can be very dangerous because those streaks on your windshield can diffuse a light that will make it very difficult to see in the broad of day!

We don’t notice it at first but the haze will accumulate to a grime that will build up over time and will only get better after your car gets a good needed car wash!

Keeping the exterior of your car also protects the paint from the sun’s rays as well as the birds and insects, after that much needed car wash top it with a good quality wax to make your car look stunning all over again! A clean car is a happy car and saves money from your wallet in the long run!

Keep you and your family safe this coming summer and get Payne Insurance to put your mind at ease here with Payne Auto Group and get a free quote today!