Summer is around the corner! Are you ready to relax and travel?

Now that college is done for the time being and school is almost out, Summer Fever is starting to hit and it’s time to make some memories!

Before you travel!

But before you travel! Are you prepared for the long roads? Is your oil changed? Your car serviced? Did you know that there are more accidents that occur in the summer than in the winter? Individuals are most likely to postpone and forget about their car maintenance more during the summer season than in the winter, which can lead to preventable accidents and Payne Auto Group is reminding you to get yours done today!

Payne Auto Group is all about what’s best for you! So have fun, make memories but before you do, schedule a service appointment here at one of our many Payne Locations at Weslaco, Brownsville, Edinburg, Mission and Rio Grande City!