Living in Texas means unpredictable weather! So here are some tips from Payne Collision to keep you safe and prepared!

Most Followed Tips For Heavy Rain!

  • Know the roads! – Drive in a familiar area and know ahead which roads floods more than others!
  • SLOW Down! – Make sure to always drive slow in during heavy rain and make sure to leave enough space of the car in front of you!
  • Hazard Lights- If caught on the expressway during the heavy rain turn on your Hazard light so the other cars can see and always slow down as well!
  • turn on your lights: heavy rain means dark skies and very little ability to see, turn on your lights so you and other cars can see you!
  • Turn Around if there’s too ,uch water!- If you cant see the markings on the road immediately turn around and don’t bother risking your car getting stuck!

Payne Collision wants to prevent any accident to keep you safe! So follow these rules and get insured with Payne Insurance and drive safely during the heavy rain!