Car Care 101: Tire Bead Damage

As we said in our previous post, tire damage can be classified into three categories. Today we are focusing on the second item, which is Tire Bead Damage.

What is Tire Bead Damage?

A tire’s bead is a term for the edge, or inner circle, of the tire that sits on the wheel and connects it to the rim. In order for the tire to function properly, the bead must keep its integrity. If it doesn’t, then your tire will fail to hold air pressure, which may lead to a blow out! The main reason our tires have beads is so that it can be secured tightly to the rim.

The good news is that tire bead damage rarely occurs to this area, though it can happen. Examples include water damage, where water affects the steel cable in the bead, which will then become stuck to the rim. Other damage can occur during off-roading, for instance.

If you happen to experience tire bead damage, it’s time for a checkup. Take your vehicle to your nearest tire shop or to one of our Ed Payne RGV dealerships.