School is back with traditional face to face but what should you keep in your car this upcoming school year?

Here are some top tips from Payne Auto Group on what you should keep in your vehicle!

  • Hand Sanitizer – Disinfect, keep clean, keep safe!
  • Extra Masks- In case you or anyone else forgot and prevent you from anything!
  • Water bottles- For a hot sunny day, a water is a for sure thing to refresh you and keep you hydrated
  • Granola bars- For a quick snack after class or any activity!
  • umbrella- For the unexpected weather you can never be too prepared!
  • mobile charger- Phone in need of charging? Keep one of these to make sure you’re always charged!
  • Sunglasses- Rock on your shades and protect yourself from the sun!
  • emergency kit- Incase anything happens to your vehicle you always have something to keep you safe!
  • sun visor- Block out the heat of the sun and keep your vehicle fresh!
  • spare cash- Never know when a few dollars are needed in certain situations!

Having some, most or all these essentials we listed can be beneficial and help your college student or yourself in dire situations! Find your dream vehicle here at Payne Auto Group at any of our locations here at Weslaco, Brownsville, Edinburg, Mission, and Rio Grande City!