Emergency Car Kits are essential to have in your vehicle to make sure incase anything happens to your car you are able to fix it, get help and keep you safe. So what should you pack in your emergency car kit?

Here are some things that you should have pack in your emergency car kit listed in the National Safety Council!

  • Spare Tire- incase of an unexpected flat!
  • Jumper Cables- to help restart your car!
  • Tool Kit-
  • Flashlight and extra batteries- for the dark nights and help you see!
  • reflective triangles- to make sure other vehicles can see you and prevent from an accident.
  • first aid kit- incase of any minor injuries
  • water- to keep hydrated, replenish and focused
  • poncho- unexpected rain
  • car charger- to keep your phone charged and call for help
  • reflective vest- to let other vehicles be able to see you

Having an Emergency Kit is beneficial, so pack your up or purchase one and always be prepared for anything! Make sure to get your car maintained to prevent any preventable problems at Payne Auto Group and stop by any of our locations in Weslaco, Brownsville, Edinburg, Mission or Rio Grande City and keep your vehicle up to date!