3 Reasons To Drive A Volkswagen

What are your key features you look for when buying a new car? Do you think about how many miles you’ll drive in a year, color of the car, leather seats, sun roof or how many miles per gallon you get? What about safety, here are 3 reasons why buying a Volkswagen will give you peace of mind.

Forward-Collision Warning

Volkswagen’s forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian monitoring warn drivers about potential collisions with pedestrians and vehicles. Depending on the situation, this feature might automatically apply pressure to the brakes if you fail to apply the brake. If you’re traveling above 18 mph, the braking feature is activated to help slow the vehicle so you would end up avoiding a potential front-end collision situation. If you’re traveling below 18 mph and the system detects a potential collision, the braking feature activates without a visual and acoustic warning.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

To help you keep tabs on your tires, Volkswagen offers a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on all new vehicles. You don’t want to drive if the tire pressure is low since it can ruin the tires and make driving dangerous. Instead of directly measuring the tire pressure, the TPMS uses the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system to track the tire pressure.

Low tire pressure results in a different tire revolutions per mile compared to other tires that have normal tire pressure. Anytime your vehicles tire sensor determines a tire has low pressure, your vehicle will alert you that one of the tires has low pressure. Check the dashboard and see if a yellow-orange exclamation point is surrounded by a “U” shape.

Rear Traffic Alert

This available feature includes sensors located on the rear bumper of the Volkswagen, and they alert you when vehicles cross your path when the vehicle is in reverse. If it detects a vehicle is crossing your perpendicular path, it alerts you with a visual and audible warning. If needed, it can apply the brakes so you can avoid a potential accident.

Safety is imperative when shopping for a vehicle. Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with numerous safety features that are geared to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe and protected. While you can’t predict what will happen on the roadways, knowing that your vehicle has these safety features can give you the reassurance you need. Visit us at Payne Brownsville Volkswagen or Payne Mission Volkswagen for a test drive and check out these safety features for yourself.

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