We get it…it happens when you least expect it. You turn your car on and out of nowhere your check engine light is on. This can be caused by anything and you should try to remember to not worry….just yet.

Payne Insurance Group is here to give you some tips on what to do if your check engine light comes on. First thing’s first if this occurs while your driving remain calm and be aware of your surroundings, when its possible find a safe area to pack and inspect your vehicle. Check the following

Engine Malfunctions

Engine problems that can cause your check engine light to come on. Most are minor and cause your car’s fuel economy and emissions rating to decline, however, some can develop into major issues if unchecked. Engine misfires, for example, will cause poor fuel economy and performance in the short run, but can eventually lead to engine failure if not fixed.

Damaged or Falling Parts

Damaged parts that may come loose or missing will trigger the check engine light. Misplacing component caps are a common example of this, this issue would not cause your vehicle any major damage to your vehicle.

Sensors & Fuses

A diagnostics exam detects faults in any of your engine’s many sensors. Some common examples are your oxygen sensors, this part measures unburned oxygen in your exhaust system, and mass air flow sensors, this determines the amount of air entering your engine to determine the amount of fuel it needs.


Transmissions can also trigger the check engine light if it malfunctions in the following power lose, internal component damage and lose of fluids. Transmission problems can lead to increased tailpipe emissions.

Overheating Engine

With the lack of engine coolant replacement this can eventually cause your engine’s thermostat to degrade, eventually resulting in a overheating engine. If this occurs, your check engine light will activate.

Find your nearest Payne Auto Group dealership with a service center and perform a diagnosis, this exam will scan your vehicles computer to find the reason why your check engine light is on. Each dealership is different and price for exam will very.

How can you prevent these mechanical issues from occurring to your vehicle? Perform a regular scheduled maintenance yourself or your local mechanic you can trust.